Street Behaviour Terms and Conditions of Contract

rts will be made to ensure no clash with known events/roadworks etc, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure the required traffic conditions will be available.

4. Works

Surveys will normally only take place upon receipt of a purchase order. However with the approval of the client surveys can take place prior to receiving it. Street Behaviour reserves the right to use subcontractors where necessary, Street Behaviour will be responsible for ensuring all necessary contractual elements and health and safety requirements are adhered to.

5. Events Outside of Our Control

If events outside of our control take place on the day of surveys and the client wishes the surveys to be undertaken again, this will be at the client’s expense on a mutually agreed date.

6. Additional Works

Where additional works are required beyond the original agreed scope, Street Behaviour will provide a revised cost estimate to the client.

7. Data Protection

The processing of personal data is defined by the European General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR). ‘Personal data’ is defined in Article 2 of the Directive by reference to whether information relates to an identified or identifiable individual.
The only data which would be come under this category for the purpose of our work is the collection of number plates (ANPR surveys) and potentially interview data. Full number plate data will not be disclosed to clients. If it is necessary to provide this data then the number plates will be truncated. For interview surveys we do not collect full addresses to avoid data becoming personally identifiable.

8. Health and Safety and Risk Assessments

Please refer to our separate policy available on request

9. Payment

An invoice will be issued upon completion of work. Payment should be made no later than 10 days following the date of the invoice.