Road Safety Surveys, Audits and Assessments

We carry out a road safety assessments and audits; lighting surveys; and collision analysis and 1-stop plots

Road Safety Assessments

A Road Safety Assessment is an independent comparative assessment of the road safety implications of different scheme options, or a comparative assessment of risks to different road users within one design option.

This comparative assessment provides an opportunity to assess the safety implications of fundamental design principles. The opportunity to make comparative assessments makes Road Safety Assessments an ideal tool for use within the early stages of design – particularly within a Transport Assessment for a development proposal. They are vital for considering the impact of schemes on vulnerable road users.

Lighting Surveys

We have fully qualified lighting engineers and specialist software to undertake lighting surveys of existing and proposed sites.

Road Safety Audits

Our team can carry out any stage road safety audits you require. Street Behaviour has extensive experience in carrying out Safety Audits and Assessments on a wide range of schemes for a variety of clients. We can carry out a Safety Assessment in isolation or alternatively some clients request for both a Safety Assessment and Road Safety Audit to be carried out.

Collision Analysis

We carry out detailed analysis of STATS19 data and present clear and visually attractive outputs. On a micro level, this includes assessing individual collisions with a fine tooth comb, extracting for example non relevant and unusual incidents. On a macro level, junction and route investigations allow clusters and trends to be identified. We specialise in 3-5 year before and after independent assessments including corresponding site surveys. See an example below
Pedestrian guardrail before and after collision assessment in London