Qualitative analysis of how people really use the street

Street Behaviour specialises in data collection and analysis with graphical and video presentation. Far more than just standard counts, we provide a comprehensive understanding of how people are actually behaving in the highways, retail and events sectors. Allowing you to make informed, evidence based decisions.

We primarily undertake video surveys and our highly skilled analysts convert hundreds of hours of video surveillance and manual observations into easily understandable, attractive outputs and video highlights. Whether you are looking at a location from scratch or carrying out before and after studies, Street Behaviour provides a methodical data-led approach on how people are really behaving.

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Pedestrian flows heatmap 1
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About Us

We are a subsidiary of AMRB Research and from our base in Dubai we have expanded to London and coming soon Glasgow. We have a large portfolio of private and public sector clients and references can be provided upon request. We have a team of highly skilled analysts who are experts in areas such as excel, access, autocad, illustrator, data analysis, video surveillance and editing, as well as a variety of other software and technology areas. Email us at info@street-behaviour.co.uk or dubai@street-behaviour.com with your requirements and we will provide a quote and methodology.